The Prestigious Practice

You Want More New Patients Coming In Your Door....

But you don't have the time to do all the marketing yourself. Plus you're not sure where to even spend your money.

You know you should take your practice online, but you don't think you can do it all yourself. Plus you don't believe you have enough time.

What if I told you there was an easier way? Where you actually could do it all yourself, and have your marketing running itself. Plus, not only is it new patients coming in the door, but those golden patients. You know, the ones who love what you do and refer endlessly. This isn't all too good to be true. In fact, it's all very possible.

Would You Like...

  • More New, 'Golden,' Patients Who Are Raving Fans?
  • A Super Easy Way to Market Yourself and Your Business?
  • Less Time Bringing In Patients and More Time Treating Them?

That's What The Prestigious Practice Is All About

The Prestigious Practice is all about showing you how to leverage your time and money to bring in those qualified patients. The ones you love working with, and the ones who are raving fans and bring in referrals.

You'll learn how to utilize online tools to share your story and your passion. It's not going to feel like you're marketing, but you really are marketing. You're connecting with the patients you want to treat without spending countless hours and dollars trying to bring them in.

My main goal of this course is to teach you how to work smarter and not harder when it comes to building your practice by utilizing all the amazing free tools that are available online.

This Course Is For You If...

  • You want to figure out a way to connect with those golden patients and bring more of them in the door.
  • You want an option to take insurance, but don't want to feel like you have to in order to pay the bills.
  • You want to get more business without expensive and time-consuming marketing.
  • You want to learn how to use tools like social media to bring in patients, but not have to use it for more than 15 minutes a day.
  • You want to find a way to create a system that works without having to pay crazy amounts of money + profits to practice management firms.
  • You want to learn how you can turn something as simple as your website into a daily patient generating machine.
  • You want to avoid expensive, 'hope' type, marketing, that you're not even sure really works.
  • You want to learn how to utilize something as easy as simply sharing your message and knowledge with the world to build your practice.

If You're Ready To Build Your Dream Practice on Your Terms, This is for You


We're Breaking This Down Into Six, Easy To Follow, Modules

Each module will consist of a combination of video lessons and PDF worksheets, along with step-by-step instructions for incorporating what you learn into your business. One module will be released each week, just to make sure we're all on the same page during the weekly calls.

  • Module 1 - Your Ideal Patient

    When it comes to figuring out your message, and who you want coming into your office, when you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to know one. This is crucial when it comes to creating a message that easily converts and building your practice.

You’ll learn:
– How to determine and create your niche
– How to define your target market and ideal patient

  • Module 2 - Websites

    Your website is everything, but this is where most chiropractors miss the mark. This module will help you figure out what to put on it and utilize it so it works for you.

We’ll cover topics like:

– How to write your content for search engine optimization (so patients can find you)
– How to install and navigate the statistics that will help you continually improve your results
– What should be included on your website
– How to create ghost pages so people can easily find you through searches
– How to take over your own website so you don’t have to rely on expensive developers

  • Module 3 - Networking

    Yes, this really deserves its own module because there’s a lot more that goes into networking than showing up to a meeting every week where you have to give a 30-seconod speech about your business. This is one of my favorite topics, and there’s so much to cover. Networking alone could fill your practice, and I’ll show you how to do it right.

Here are just some examples:
– How to navigate all of the networking groups, and how to choose the right one
– Why the really expensive ones really don’t pay off
– What you should really be doing when you network
– How to utilize the online world to network
– How to find opportunities for partnerships you would never think that would work
– How to create a 30-second elevator pitch that no one forgets
– How to use networking to get your practice featured in the press

  • Module 4 - Evolving Content (Blogging)

    A website is nothing without an effective blog. Blogging can be one of the most important pieces when it comes to building your practice. It can quickly not only put you in a position of authority, but it can consistently put out information to the world wide web, that people can seek and find you. Plus it’s one of the best tools you can give your patients to help refer you.

I’ll show you how to take your message online, and we’ll cover just a few of the following:
– Easy ways to develop and produce content so you only need to spend an hour a week to get your blog working for you.
How to utilize popular outlets like videos and podcasts
– How to conjur up content and create a publishing calendar
– How to find patients through a blogging network

  • Module 5 - Modern Day Marketing

    I’m not saying spinal screenings, health talks, and print ads don’t work. However, wouldn’t you want to learn a better, easier, less expensive, and less time-consuming way?

I’ll show you how to take your message online, and we’ll cover just a few of the following:
– How to create an email list and why it’s crucial for your practice
How to use that list to build relationships with your patients
– How to take your health talk online and build an even bigger patient base
– Where to spend your time

  • Module 6 - Social Media 101

    In today’s world of social media, you can get so many patients in the door without paying a dime, that it’s insane! Yes, there are a lot of sites, but I will help you navigate them and discover the ones that will give you the biggest bang for your time. You may not be thinking that some could work with your business, but I can show you how to get patients even with social media outlets like Instagram and Pinterest!

So we’ll talk about the following:
– How to figure out which social media outlets you should use and how to use them
– How to search and connect with your ideal patient
– How to use social media to build networks for potential partnerships
– A step-by-step daily list of what to do in order to gain followers and bring in patients
– How to look for and find the right help, to hire this out for cheap

Wait, Wait, I'm Throwing In More. You Will Also Have All of This Included in the Course.

  • Bonus Lesson - Website Building 101 - Build Your Own Website Without Looking Like You Built Your Own Website (This module alone will save you THOUSANDS)
  • Bonus Lesson - Mindset - You'll Not Only Use This in Your Business, But In Your Life
  • Bonus Lesson - Naming and Setting Up Your Business (For Those of You Just Getting Started)
  • Bonus Lesson - DIY Graphics To Make Your Social Media Pop (This Again Will Save You Thousands on Graphic Designers)
  • Bonus Lesson - Social Media Scheduling (So You Really Only Need To Spend About 15 Minutes a Day

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